How Postwise Increased their Organic Traffic by 2090% with StoryAngled

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Postwise is an AI social media content creation tool for Twitter and LinkedIn.

A fully bootstrapped SaaS helping creators craft enticing, effective social media content by analyzing their existing work and building a custom AI model that fits their tone, style, and expertise.

Elliott Murray, the founder of Postwise, approached us with a clear goal of increasing Postwise’s visibility in the search engines using long-form content.

After working on Postwise’s content for 6 months, StoryAngled was able to achieve this goal and contributed to a significant lead flow increase.

In this case study, you’ll learn how we did this using:

  • Identifying underutilized topics within the client’s niche
  • Developing a comprehensive content marketing strategy, focused on SEO and product-led content
  • Targeting commercial intent keywords in problem-solving content

The Problem: Dense Competitive Landscape

The main challenge facing Postwise was the highly saturated market of social media tools. With numerous established players and a constant influx of new entrants, we needed to prioritize standing out with content.

What we discovered by analyzing the market is that most competitors were leveraging broad, generic content strategies that targeted high-volume keywords, making it difficult for a niche tool like Postwise to capture attention through traditional SEO tactics.

This is why we embraced a more targeted, highly specific keyword strategy that carved out a new spot within the market for Postwise.

The Solution: Differentiation through Specificity

StoryAngled approached this challenge by diving deep into the unique value propositions of Postwise. We conducted extensive research to identify underrepresented topics within the social media and AI content creation space.

Our strategy hinged on creating highly specific, SEO-optimized long-form content that not only highlighted Postwise’s unique features but also addressed nuanced pain points of our target audience.

We knew Postwise clients aren’t looking for a social media scheduler. They were looking for an AI assistant that will make building their personal brands easier and more effective.

In the blog posts we wrote for Postwise, we often came back to those key elements, establishing Postwise’s clear position within the market.

We developed a content calendar that balanced evergreen content with timely pieces on emerging trends in social media, ensuring relevance and long-term value.

By focusing on commercial intent keywords tied to problem-solving scenarios specific to Postwise’s potential users, we were able to attract a more targeted audience. This approach not only improved SEO rankings but also positioned Postwise as a thought leader in AI-driven social media content creation.

The Results: 2000% Organic Traffic Growth, Stealing Traffic from Twitter

Over the course of six months, our content strategy led to a monumental increase in organic traffic for Postwise, with a 2090% growth rate.

This surge was not just in numbers – the quality of traffic improved, leading to a significant uptick in monthly lead flow. By effectively “stealing” traffic from broader topics and redirecting users to Postwise’s niche content, we were able to bypass the competition and directly reach our target audience.

This growth was not limited to organic search traffic; we also saw an increase in direct referrals and social media engagement, indicating a growing brand awareness and authority in the market.

Key Takeaways

  • Make your content marketing specific: It helps you stand out in competitive markets
  • Focused on unique aspects of your brand: Postwise targeted pain points no one answered before
  • Flexibility in content strategy is crucial: Adapt content calendar to industry trends
  • Integrate SEO with product-led content: This will enhance traffic and conversions

Start Attracting the Right Leads with StoryAngled

Our work with Postwise exemplifies how a well-crafted, specific content strategy can significantly impact organic growth and lead generation. If you’re looking to cut through the noise in your industry and attract the right leads, StoryAngled’s tailored content marketing solutions might be what you need. Let’s discuss how we can transform your content strategy and achieve remarkable growth for your business.