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Fill your pipeline with red-hot leads, excited to work with you. Here's how StoryAngled makes it happen:

B2B Inbound Strategy: Catch Them Eyes 👀

From strangers to evangelists – we’ll map out your customer’s journey and plan how to get their hearts beating faster each time they see your brand.

B2B Audience Research

Discover what drives your customers to click, read, book a call, and pay.

B2B Content Production System

Spend LESS time on content production and SCALE your content output

Analyze Competitors

Identify who you're competing with. And why it's not always a person 🤖

Plan Content from Attraction to Conversion

Design content funnels that attract, nurture, convert, and retain your customers. Become irresistible.

B2B Inbound Marketing: Enchant Them 😍

Execute your new strategy and start attracting leads from Week 1.

Using StoryAngled’s Inbound Machine®, we set up your marketing delivery workflow and level up your online presence. 

Blog Articles & SEO

Solve big customer pains with long-form content.

Incorporate SEO to attract new eyes to your offer.

Done-With-You Social Media Content

Establish authority in your niche and generate leads using our LinkedIn Methodology.

Used to generate 46M+ views for our clients.

NEW: Video Scripting and Editing (only 1 place left)

Don't tell how good your product is – show it. Write enticing video scripts and increase your visibility across multiple channels.

Strategic Link Building and Digital PR

Expand your reach with DFY link building and guest posting on websites your customers read.

Inbound Marketing Optimization: Learn & Scale 📈

To fully benefit from content, you have to monitor its effectiveness constantly. Well, you don·t have to because you have us. But if you want to, we set up a sexy-looking dashboard where all important metrics are as clear as day:

Traffic & Sources

See which channels work best for your and where to focus your efforts.

Customer Attribution

See where your customers convert. Identify content with the highest ROI.

Our Game in Numbers

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Your First Month with StoryAngled

StoryAngled doesn’t just deliver, they actually cares about their clients’ success – treating them like their own business and brand. 10/10.

Elliott Murray, Founder @ Postwise

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Week 1-2

Gain clarity about acquiring new leads through organic content with StoryAngled Content Machine® System for B2B Providers

 (used to generate 10,000+ leads in the last 2 years.)

2. step

Week 2-3

We set up your content management system to ensure consistency and efficiency from Day 1. 

No more putting content away for later.

3. step

Week 3-4

We plan the content for 3 months in advance based on the strategy, market research, keyword analysis, and a little bit of… magic!

Our Work Samples

We can boast about our work all day long. But it’s better to show you what we can do.

See best examples of our B2B content:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing tackles your audience’s pain points and goals and showcases your service or product as the solution. It clearly presents the value you offer without unnecessary sales talk. By focusing on your customers’ challenges, the person reading your content will know exactly how your company can help them.

StoryAngled’s Content Strategy System is based on three crucial components of any successful content strategy for B2B companies:

  • Defining your position in the market
  • Clarifying your product’s Jobs-to-be-done
  • Crafting product narrative that turns readers into customers

We tailor our approach to your specific niche, utilizing a powerful framework developed through 1000+ horus spent working with diverse B2B companies. This strategy aims to multiply organic traffic from search engines and social media within the first 90 days, providing a customized and effective roadmap for success.

Our 2-week strategy workshop is designed to bring clarity to your message and identify the most effective content formats for your ideal customers. 


By clarifying your content mission statement, delving deep into customer research, analyzing competitors, and identifying potential collaborations, this workshop sets the foundation for a robust and tailored content strategy to drive qualified traffic to your website.

StoryAngled provides a team of niche-specific, highly-skilled writers and editors dedicated to your B2B content needs. 

Our focus on blog articles, SEO, and Digital PR aims to attract new audiences by addressing customer pain points. At the same time, our social media copywriting establishes your authority in the niche, generating leads through our B2B Social Media System.

We provide Product-Led Content Optimization to monitor the effectiveness of your content continually. 

Our team sets up a user-friendly dashboard to track important metrics, including traffic sources, funnel visualization, customer attribution, and technical SEO. This allows you to stay informed about the performance of your content and make data-driven decisions to enhance your B2B company.

Who's Behind this madness?!

We're a tiny team from a big Polish city near the Baltic Sea called Gdańsk. But our marketing feels better than a NY hot dog 🌭

Kuba Czubajewski

CEO & Chief Ugly Draftsman

Szymon Cieszyński

Co-Founder & Project Manager

20+ Content Creators

Writers, Editors, Video Creators, Influencers